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Tiny Home in Oklahoma

Our Lone Grove Sales Manager, Josh, sent photos to showcase how his customer transformed their 14x42 Utility style into a stunning and cozy tiny home. They plan to temporarily live in the building until they begin utilizing it as an Airbnb. Most of the work shown was done by the customer with help on a few projects from hired contractors. The project was completed in around nine months.

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Food Truck Tuesdays in Purcell, OK

Our Purcell Sales Manager, Josh, has partnered with local food trucks to bring delicious food to the town of Purcell every Tuesday. Our Purcell location is located at 2010 Green Ave., directly across from Wal-Mart, which helps bring traffic to the lot and trucks. Josh is always looking for ways to connect in the community so when he saw Rachel and Joe's food trucks, he knew he had to ask if they were interested in setting up at his lot from time to time.

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Back to School

It’s that time of the year again!

As we are faced with unprecedented times many are turning to portable sheds to use as home offices, granny pods, and even schoolhouses! We know this time can be stressful so we wanted to show you how easy it is to transform your shed! 

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Building Materials Upgrades

Advanced building materials.

Since July 2019, we have made upgrades in the building materials used to construct our products. As a result, our buildings are stronger, and have even better materials warranties.

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Do You Want to Host a Fantastic Outdoor Party?

   It’s warming up around here and I bet you can’t wait to host a outdoor party  at your house but just need a few finishing touches. The easiest and quickest way to bring a huge wow factor to your party is the addition of a pavilion or pergola to your back yard. Just string a few lights up and some tiki torches and you’ve almost gotten yourself a party!

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Central Oklahoma Camp & Conference Center Building Donation

We get a lot of calls at Quality each day from our valued customers. But this one day we got a call that just blew us away. 

We got a call from Central Oklahoma Camp And Conference, and they were looking for a building to use a concession and gift shop. 

Now if you have never head of COCC like we had, please take some time and head on over to their site. But fair warning, Have a box of tissues handy. These are good people providing a great service!

Now think about this for a moment. Think of every camping excursion you have ever gone on. Would you be able to that if you were say confined to a wheelchair? This tree house cabin for example is great fun, but not very practical for kiddos with physical challenges.

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Benefits of Growing Cannabis in Your Backyard Greenhouse

Oklahoma’s medical marijuana industry has been booming since the law was passed in June 2018. Since then state regulators have approved licenses for 1,109 dispensaries, 1,972 growers s and 553 processors - supplying cannabis to 63,647 qualifying patients. Over the past year, patients have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to purchase medical grade cannabis from licensed dispensaries.

Today many patients are exploring the option of growing their own cannabis at home. Many community grow centers have been established throughout Oklahoma, empowering patients with the tools and knowledge needed to cultivate crops of strains specific to their needs.

There are a number of at-home kits available on the internet, but the overwhelming recommendation from experienced growers is that greenhouses are the best home growing option. At Quality Buildings we have been providing top quality greenhouses to Oklahoma for years. Moving forward, we are partnering with local grow centers to share our greenhouses with new patient customers throughout Oklahoma.

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5 Tips For Portable Building Organization

Need some ideas for storing away your belongings this spring? Here are some tips from Quality Buildings.

Lawn Maintenance
Lawn maintenance supplies such as lawn mowers, fertilizer or soil, gardening tools, or extra flower pots can be an eyesore if left out in the yard but take up significant space if stored in the garage. By having a portable storage unit in your backyard, these supplies can have a permanent home where they’re kept out of sight, but still easily accessible.

Pool Accessories
The only thing worse than putting away your favorite pool toys (and accepting the fact that summer is over) is accidentally leaving them to be weathered in the elements. By keeping your favorite pool toys in a portable storage building in your backyard, you and your family have easy access to the toys at any time during the year while your backyard and pool stay clean and organized.

Holiday Decoration Storage
For the extravagant holiday decorators, finding a clean, dry, convenient place to store your decorations can be more difficult than actually decorating your home. Cross that worry off of your list this year and organize your decorations in a portable storage building right on your property. This allows you to keep your decorations close for quick access so you can monitor them.

Extra Work Space
This is ideal for the ultimate crafter or small business owner. Sometimes the spare bedroom you’re using as a makeshift workspace doesn’t always work. There’s no place to put anything, there are kids rummaging through your things while the family dog has decided you don’t need peace in order to work. We recommend taking your workspace outdoors, into a portable storage unit. You’ll have plenty of room for storing your supplies along with an escape for five minutes of peace.

New Home
Have you recently downsized your house? Are you in the process of moving? Unpacked boxes can quickly get in the way of your home’s new flow, so store those huge boxes out in a portable storage unit. This will help you move through the unpacking process a bit more smoothly and the boxes will be safe until you have a chance to get to them.

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